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We focus on Infinite Banking. Which alone won’t make you wealthy. But when you take a look at all the benefits like protection from market volatility, protection from creditors, tax benefits and no limit to yearly contribution, it’s easy to see why executives, banks, corporations, and wealthy individuals rely on the infinite banking system to help grow and protect their wealth.

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The Infinite Banking Concept in a Nutshell

You’re really just repositioning your liquid assets from an inefficient holding place (like a bank or mattress paying little to nothing) and shifting into a tax-sheltered environment which earns compound interest automatically. Allowing your money to work for you.

Safe and Predictable Yield

Allows your dollars to work double duty for you. Fantastic in a down market.

Shelter from taxation

The IRS is going to give you some really neat tax advantages. Less for uncle sam and you keep more! 

Better distribution strategy

A properly set up Infinite Banking Concept insurance policy can help you optimize your other assets

Withdrawals are tax-free

Dividends, loans and withdrawals are tax-free. Also the most efficient way to pass on wealth.

Access to funds now

Life insurance policies that allow you to access funds while you are alive

No credit checks to borrow

You may borrow for anything you’d like, with no explanations. Pay yourself back at your own pace.

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