How Infinite Banking works

Get a firm grasp on what the Infinite Banking concept is and how to use it. During this session, Dr. Rob will guide you through the foundations of how it all works and what to watch out for.

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What you will learn

By itself, Infinite Banking won’t make you wealthy. 

But when you take a look at all the benefits like protection from market volatility, protection from creditors, tax benefits and no limit to yearly contribution, it’s easy to see why executives, banks, corporations, and wealthy individuals rely on the infinite banking system to help grow and protect their wealth.

Not only is Infinite Banking the most efficient way of using your money in your lifetime, but it’s also the most efficient way to pass on wealth to family members, loved ones, or charities.

Expert Advisor

Learn how to do more with your money. Reach your financial goals with confidence and Easily.

Generational wealth

The death benefit is tax-free and generally not subject to estate taxes.

Financial Planing

Proven to reduce risk, increase growth, minimize taxes, and put you in the driver’s seat.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Rob Scranton

Financial education is one of the biggest failings in the education system in this country. You get very little in high school, almost nothing in college. 

I can say that because I got my undergraduate degree in accounting and finance. I worked as an auditor, prepared tax returns. A financial analyst in down town Chicago. 

The stuff we are going to talk about, I didn’t know any of it in the beginning. Even with my schooling and financial background. Most people don’t know how money flows, and you are missing out.

People are constantly looking for a quick fix... But finances and building wealth is about being patient and consistent.